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Important Manual For Franchise Buyers
Endorsed By American Association of Franchisees and Dealers.

Franchise Buyer's ManualAre you thinking about buying a franchise? There's a lot you need to know before you invest if you want to be successful as a franchisee. My guide, The Franchise Buyer's Manual, is a self-help tool that helps you decide whether or not franchising is for you and teaches you how to get the information you really need to choose the best franchise opportunity. Click here for more information.

Why Franchisors Need to Plot Their Development Strategy with Caution

Before committing resources to future franchisee development franchisors need the right plan.

Franchise Industry Predictions for 2016

For the year 2016 here are my predictions of major events in the franchise industry.

Recapping the Franchise Industry in 2015

The year 2015 saw a number of important events take place in the franchise industry. Here are the things that will have the most lasting impact on the industry.

Franchisors Need To Provide Item 19 With Punch!

Although a majority of franchisors provide an Item 19 Disclosure the key is to provide meaningful data.

Legacy Franchising Develops Franchise Systems the Right Way with the Right Team

When it comes to franchise developers, brokers and consultants Iíve yet to meet any as unique as Legacy Franchising.

Executive Home Care is Growing the Right Way

It's important that franchisors control system growth and quality when developing their franchise network. Executive Home Care is doing just that.

Ten Tips For Good Leadership

Franchisors and franchisees can use these 10 tips to enhance their leadership skills.

Seven Year Franchise Study Reveals Interesting Statistics

Here is a preview of a new study by franchisegrade.com that provides insight into the trends and performance of the franchise industry over the past 7 years

Franchisees are Entitled to a Vendor Program from Their Franchisor

A major benefit of owning a franchise is being able to purchase goods and services at costs below market prices. However, a number of franchisors fail to provide this benefit. Here's why they should offer franchisees a vendor program.

Minimum Wage and Joint Employer Issues Won't Go Away

Proponents and opponents of minimum wage increases won't stop fighting and the main defendants of the status quo are franchisors.

For A Winning Franchise Program Be Sure to Have Top Notch Operations Staff

In order to have a successful franchise program it's important to have a competent staff. Here's why >>

Why Franchisors Should Provide a Detailed Item 19 Disclosure

It's important that franchisors show prospective franchisees the financial information they require.  Here's why:

Franchising Your Business? Apply These Statistics to the Franchising Process

When a company decides to franchise its business, its important ownership understands the risks.

Proforma Income Statement Caveat

You must be careful when you develop the franchisee proforma income statement that you don't create false expectations. Here's why.

Don't Be Pennywise and Pound-Foolish When Buying a Franchise

Individuals interested in a franchise opportunity need to invest money in order to obtain the best evaluation of a franchise.

Franchise Candidates Need to Ask the Right Questions

When franchise candidates evaluate a franchise system they need to ask the right questions and get the right answers.

Feasibility Studies in Franchising Why, When and Who

There are certain activities in franchising that call for a feasibility study. Learn why taking this step is so important.

Five Keys to Positive Franchise Relations

Positive franchise relations are a necessary component of a successful franchise system. Learn how to achieve positive franchise relations.

What Successful Franchises Have in Common

Successful franchise systems share common features. Learn what these features are.

Franchising Your Business? Know These 5 Keys to Success

For companies planning on franchising their business, it's important to follow through on five key areas.

Five Items in the Franchise Disclosure Document that Deserve Attention

In addition to certain items in the FDD that receive the bulk of attention there are five items that should not be overlooked.

Multi-Unit Franchising Provides Advantages for Franchisees and Franchisors

Franchisees and franchisors can benefit from the multi-unit franchise model.

Tips for Visiting a Franchise Tradeshow

If you're visiting a trade shows here are some facts and advice of which you should be aware.

The Challenges New Franchisors Face

A recent study about start-up franchisors confirmed what I observed several years ago.  Here's what the study says.

New Franchisors Should be Cautious Introducing Area Representative Programs

Learn why new franchisors should be cautious when offering an Area Representative opportunity.

What Franchisors Can Learn from Marketing Myopia

In order to sustain successful growth franchisors need to satisfy two customers, their franchisees as well as their customers. 

Will Efforts to Increase the Minimum Wage Accelerate Automation by Fast Food Franchisors?

Learn what the franchise fast food sector is doing to control labor costs through automation.

Time for the Franchise Industry To Face The Truth

Like every industry, franchising has its winners and losers, yet the impact from the losers on franchising is more striking. Here's the situation.

Franchisors and Franchisees Face a Tough Adversary

The franchise industry faces a formidable organization whose motives go far beyond simply supporting franchise legislation.  Read more >

If You Think Franchising in China is Challenging Now; Just Wait!

It's well known that exporting a franchise to China is a difficult proposition. Learn why it may become even more difficult in the future.

Franchisee Failures Can Often be a Shared Responsibility

On the Internet, in blogs and in print media certain reports on franchisee failures may neglect one important factor.

Franchisee Buyers Club is a Real Benefit for Franchisees

Finally, all franchisees can enjoy the same buying power as franchisees from the large systems.

Are Many Franchisors Underestimating
Startup Costs In Item 7?

Item 7 is one the more important disclosures in the Franchise Disclosure Document, since it estimates the investment a franchisee will make in a franchise.  Here's why it gets underestimated and why that's not good.

Why Veterans Make Good Franchisees

There are a number of reasons why military veterans can make good franchisees.  Read more>

The Entrepreneurial Franchisee May Not Be The Best Franchisee

It's been my experience that some so called entrepreneurs don't always make the best franchisees.  Here's why.

Home Inspection Franchise Offers 1st Year Income Guarantee

It's rare for a franchisor to guarantee income to a franchisee but that's what A Buyers Choice Home Inspection is doing. Read more >

Financial Considerations For Prospective Franchisees

Individuals looking at a franchise opportunity should consider the home buyers analogy.

Trail-Blazing Research Reports

How good is that franchise really doing? Market research studies from FranchiseGrade provide answers.

Is Your Branding Inside Out?

When you're planning your branding strategy, don't forget to communicate your brand value to your employees.

5 Due Diligence Steps for Prospective Franchisees

There are five items that every franchise candidate should include as part of their franchise due diligence.  Here's what you must  investigate before signing a franchise contract.

What Footbal Coaches Can Teach Franchisors

Great football coaches share a particular trait that franchisors and franchisees can learn from.  Find out what it is .

Why the FranchiseGrade.com Top 500 is the Best 

There are a lot of franchise ranking lists published each year. Learn why the FranchiseGrade.com franchise ranking is the best of the group.

Why FDD Item 20 Can Be Revealing

Learn why Item 20 in the Franchise Disclosure Document can provide a wealth of information about a franchisor and its franchise program.  Here's why.>

How Franchisees Can Manage and Motivate Their Employees

In order to operate a franchise, most franchisees are highly dependent upon their employees. Learn how franchisees can be more effective in managing and motivating their most important asset, their employees.

Pros & Cons of Investing in a New Franchise

It can be enticing to invest in a new franchise; however, don't expect to be investing in the next KFC or McDonalds. Purchasing a start up franchise has its risks and disadvantages.

Three Financial Steps To Take Before You Buy

Before you write that check for a franchise investment, make sure you take these three key steps.

Use a Franchise Attorney Before You Commit To A Franchise

Before you invest in a franchise, make sure you use a franchise attorney to represent you. Learn why it's important to utilize a franchise attorney.

Measuring a Franchise Company

There are a number of ways to measure or evaluate a franchisor. These measures when properly applied can provide a profile of a potential franchise or an existing franchisor in the start-up mode.  Here's what to measure.

Traits of Successful Franchisees

There are certain skills or traits that successful franchisees share. Franchisors should look for these traits when considering franchise candidates.

How To Minimize Risk

There is always some risk involved when you buy a franchise. But potential franchisees can limit their risk of failure by following these helpful tips.

The Isolated Franchisee

Learn why being an isolated franchisee can put a franchisee at a significant disadvantage. Here's why.

Franchise Offering Circulars Then & Now

Franchise Offering Circulars (FOC) have changed a lot in the last 34 years, but have those changes affected franchisees' success? Read this:

Franchise Buyer's ManualBuying a Franchise?

Don't get stung! Learn how to evaluate franchises opportunities so you can choose the best one for you.   Learn what to look for and what to avoid. Written by FranchiseKnowHow founder Ed Teixeira, The Franchise Buyer's Manual is endorsed by the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers.  Don't invest in a franchise without first reading this manual. Learn more here >>

10 Ways To Improve Communications With Your Franchisees

How well are you managing communications with your franchisees? These 10 tips will help you improve communications and franchise relations.

How Do You Stack Up As A Franchisor

At least once a year a franchisor should put ego aside and do a self- evaluation of their franchise program.

Franchise Analytics Opens New Doors

By analyzing the information contained in a Franchise Disclosure Document it's possible to gain a better understanding of a franchise program and its investment opportunity.

Children Services Franchise Report

FranchiseGrade.com uses their exclusive Franchise Performance Index™ grading scale to assess the top 10 children's services franchise investments for 2014.

2014 Industry Report

The franchise industry is growing. Read some of the key findings of the Franchise Grade Industry Report.

Not All Franchises Are Equal

Every franchise is different in some ways from others, but some differences are more critical. Here's how to compare the differences between franchises.


Are Franchisors Joint Employers?

The recent NLRB ruling that McDonald's could be a joint employer can impact and alter franchise agreements.  Here's what to know.

Why Simpler Franchise Agreements May Be Beneficial

Some existing franchise agreements are complex and the recent NLRB ruling coupled with the amount of franchisor control over their franchisees could result in simpler franchise agreements.

Franchising in the UK

For any successful international business, expansion into the UK offers exciting new business opportunities and growth potential. Here's what you need to know about UK laws and franchising.

Overseas Master Franchise Inquiry

What should you do if your franchise gets an unexpected overseas master franchise inquiry? Here's how to proceed>

Franchise Industry Statistics

Thinking about buying a franchise but wondering if it's a good idea? Here are franchise industry statistics you'll find helpful.

Evaluate the Franchisor

Choosing a franchise? You need to evaluate the franchisor as well as the franchise concept. Here's how.

Biggest Mistake When Franchising a Business

Thinking about franchising your business? Here's the biggest mistake you need to avoid.

Will Seattleís New $15 Minimum Wage Unite the Franchise Industry

A recent vote by the Seattle City Council to increase the minimum wage to $15 has brought heated responses from various members of the franchise community. Here's why.

How a Leader's Ego Can Harm the Business

When a franchise business is having difficulties, the leader's ego may be the cause and can get in the way of recovery. Read how:

Franchisors Should Make Their Item 19 Disclosure Bullet Proof

When franchisors do an Item 19 disclosure itís important that the "numbers" are accurate. Here's why:

Venture Capital Overview

Here's a look at venture capital deals from 2000 to 20013. Click here.

Looking for a Franchise?

Follow this simple 5 step process to help find the best franchise for you.

How To Review Item 20 in the FDD

Learn how item 20 in the FDD can provide a preview of a franchise operation. Read more.

When Franchisors and Franchisees Should Join Forces

There are a number of important issues that can impact the entire franchise industry. Franchise industry groups should collaborate to deal with these issues. Read more.

Two Franchisees Sued for Tax Fraud

Franchisors and franchisees should take heed from recent events in New York and be prepared for state sales tax audits.

Digging For Franchise Facts Before Your Buy

Existing franchisees can be a valuable source of information for franchise candidates; however, it may take some extra effort to get the right answers.

Lesson from Maine for Franchisees

The recent defeat of the Franchisee Protection Bill in Maine speaks volumes about the future of these bills. Here's what franchisees need to know.

More Item 19 Disclosures

As more franchisors make a disclosure under Item 19 there will be an increased need for a careful review of the "numbers". Read more.

Interesting and Surprising Franchise Facts

FranchiseGrade.com in conjunction with FranchiseKnowHow has reviewed and analyzed hundreds of Franchise Disclosure Documents that represent a cross section of franchisors. By analyzing FDDís on a regular basis pertinent information and important trends in the franchise industry can be identified. Weíll continue to monitor data activity as we review FDDs in order to identify trends.  See the Franchise Facts Infographic. 

Questions You Need To Ask

Learn the three questions that franchise prospects rarely ask franchisors, but should. Read more>>

Does Your Franchise Measure Up?

There are certain traits that the good franchisors have. Whether youíre a franchisor or franchisee you should look for these traits.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Expands

Looking to buy a franchise in Oklahoma City? Potbelly Sandwich Shop is expanding into that area. Read more >>

Pros and Cons of Buying A Franchise

Before searching for a franchise, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a franchise and understand the implications of buying and operating one.  Read this excerpt from the Franchise Buyer's Manual for facts you need to know.

How To Look For A Franchise

You know you want to invest in a franchise, but how do you get unbiased information to help you determine which would be best for you? Here's how to proceed.

How Good Is That Franchise?

 How does the franchise you're considering investing in compare to others? Ed Teixeira, President of FranchiseKnowHow has partnered with FranchiseGrade.com to review franchise industry data collected by Franchise Grade.com. Read more.

What You Should Know About Using Franchise Brokers

Using a franchise broker to sell or buy a franchise? Here's what you need to know about using  franchise brokers.

Create a Profile Before You Buy A Franchise

Before embarking on a search for the right franchise opportunity itís important to construct your franchise profile. This article shows how to do it.

The Franchise Disclosure Document Tells a Story

When the Franchise Disclosure Document and franchise contract is properly reviewed it can tell a story about the franchisor. Learn which items are most important, what to look for, and why you need qualified advisors.

When Will You Break Even?

What kind of sales will you need to cover your expenses? At what point will you have start to make a profit? Learn how to calculate the break even point for a franchise.  Then use this franchisee break even calculator to get your answer.

Operating a Successful Franchise: Not as Easy as it May Seem

New franchisees should recognize that operating a successful and profitable franchise is never quite as easy as it may appear. Despite the numerous anecdotes about successful franchisees, success often requires hard work and recognition of your limitations.

Veterans: Be Cautious When Pursuing a Franchise Opportunity

A number of franchisors are offering financial concessions to veterans interested in purchasing a franchise. Veterans need to look before they leap.

How to Give a Franchise the Once-Over

A good amount of information has been written about how to evaluate a franchise opportunity. Here is a way to do an initial franchise review before spending a lot of time and money.

Going International? Donít Forget One Important Thing

Franchisors that are considering exporting their franchise concept to other countries are advised to prepare by following a checklist of key items. However, there is one area that is often overlooked or shortchanged in this process.

Franchise Discovery Day Purpose

Franchise Discovery Day needs to be more than a series of sales presentations to sell your franchise concept. Here's why:

Planet Sub Expansion

Planet Sub continues its expansion with a new location in Denver and a fresh new look. Click here.

Will That Franchise Candidate Succeed?

You've got a franchise candidate who seems eager to get started. Before you accept the person, be sure they are fully qualified and likely to succeed as a franchisee. Here's what to do.

Taking Over An Existing Franchise

Thinking about buying a franchise? Taking over an existing franchise location instead of setting up in a new location can be advantageous. Here's why.

Tips for Qualifying a Franchisor

A competent franchisor will qualify every franchise prospect to minimize the risk of a failing franchisee. So too, a prospective franchisee should qualify a franchisor to minimize their possibility of failure.  Here's how to do it.

Will Business Service Franchises Turn The Corner?

Business service franchises were hard hit during the recession. Will this franchise group make a comeback? Here's a look at the prospects for business service franchises.

Children's Franchise Growth Continues

Children franchise programs continue to grow in popularity and locations. Here are reasons for the growth in children's franchises.

Automotive Franchises Making A Comeback

Automotive franchises are poised to make a comeback. Here's why.

Camille's Hand Dipped Ice Cream Franchise

This ice cream on a stick franchise plans to expand globally.

When Is A License Really A Franchise?

There are a number of businesses that operate as a license when in fact the businesses are franchises. Here's how  to recognize a franchise masquerading as a license.

Home Health Care Franchises Expanding Internationally

A number of U.S. home care franchisors have successfully exported their franchise concept to other countries despite the differences among health care systems.

Use The Right Approach To Buy or Sell A Franchise

Whether youíre the franchise buyer or the franchise seller itís in the interests of both parties to make the right decision. The following is a way in which buyer and seller can reach this goal.

Hamburger Concepts Are Still Hot

What's hot in Quick Serve Restaurant franchise concepts?  Hamburers are, for one. Here are trends to watch based on a  QSR magazine report.

How Startup Franchisees Can Increase Their Sales

Get your new franchise business off to a running start with these tips for increasing your franchise unit's sales.  

What You Need To Know About Personal Guarantees

Itís important for prospective franchisees to fully understand the personal guaranty section in the franchise agreement. Here's what' you need to know about the personal guarantee.

Frozen Yogurt Franchise Forecast

What's the future for frozen yogurt franchises? Will the interest in frozen yogurt grow or fade? Here's our forecast for frozen yogurt franchises.

The Game of Training

Millennials have grown up in a world in which gaming is a common activity.  Here's how and why your franchise can incorporate gaming into your training materials. 

The Franchise Era

Times are changing.  Working for Corporate America no longer ensures loyal, hard working men and women of job security and a good living.  This little allegory offers one solution.

The Top Food Franchises from The Franchise Business Review

Here is the annual report of the top food franchises from the Franchise Business Review.

How the DOL Final Rule for Companion Caregivers Can Impact Franchising

In 2015 the DOL will implement its Final Rule. It requires that certain home care workers currently exempted from receiving minimum wage and overtime pay receive these benefits. Learn how the DOL Final Rule can impact franchises.

Evaluate Franchise Prospects Using These Success Traits

Successful franchisees share certain traits. Armed with this information a franchisor could more effectively evaluate franchise candidates. 

Researching a Franchise Opportunity

When considering a franchise opportunity itís important that individuals perform the proper research. This should include identifying how the franchisor qualifies and selects new franchisees.

Franchisees Need to be Prepared

A new franchisee needs to have his or her team identified and in place, before the franchise is opened. In addition, the franchisor should know how the franchisee intends to operate their franchise. Read more >>

Amsterdam Falafelshop Feeds Franchise Investors with Munchies for High-Performing Restaurant Concepts

Top-it-yourself falafel shop with Amsterdam vibe and cult following kicks franchising into high gear; announces new financing program to support franchise growth. Read more >>

Questions You Need to Answer Before Buying a Franchise

Before you decide to purchase the particular franchise that you like you should answer the following questions.

Franchisee Satisfaction Higher Among Low-Cost Concepts

Franchisee satisfaction with low-investment franchises is 8 percent higher than higher-priced opportunities, according to new findings out this week from Franchise Business Review.

Franchise Resale Information by Tom West

Here is a wealth of information from the Business Brokerage Press that includes an extensive list of franchises. The rules of thumb can be used for estimating franchise resales.

How Franchisees Can Manage and Motivate Their Employees

Most franchisees are highly dependent upon a small group of employees. This article provides suggestions for motivating a franchise's most important asset.

Why Your Franchise Should Have a Preferred Vendor Program

Learn why a preferred vendor program is so important for the franchisee and franchisor.  Read more >>

Use a Business Plan Format to Analyze and Improve Your Franchise Operation

Franchisors and franchisees can use a business plan as a way to evaluate and measure the performance of their franchise operation.

The Reasons Why Startup Franchisors Fail

Business owners that are considering franchising their business should understand why a startup franchisor can fail before taking the plunge.

Trouble Connecting with Your Franchisees?

Some franchisors experience difficulty connecting with and motivating a certain number of their franchisees. Here are some tips for dealing with this problem.

Export Your Franchise and Leave your Brand Home

A simple and creative way franchisors can take their franchise international.

Structura Body Therapies Announces Aggressive Franchise Growth Strategy

The company has announced an aggressive franchise growth strategy that is based upon addressing the problems of poor posture utilizing innovative advanced body therapies. Read more

Making a Case for Incentivizing Franchise Royalties

Franchisors should consider a decreasing franchisee royalty percent, based upon the revenues their franchisees achieve.

Why Some Franchisees Fail

Before considering a franchise opportunity itís important to know why a franchisee can fail.  Armed with this information, it will make it easier to determine if youíre suited for a particular franchise.

If Youíre Buying a Franchise Having the Right Attorney is Crucial

Be sure to use a franchise attorney if youíre going to buy a franchise. Here are the reasons why you shouldnít go it alone or use any attorney. Read more >>

Buying a Franchise? Do You Really Know the Franchisor?

If youíre focused in on buying a particular franchise, itís important to be familiar with the franchisor and how the staff performs before signing the franchise agreement.

These Franchises Have Substance

We took a look at different franchise sectors to see how some performed in the past five years.  Here are the results.

Franchisors Can Benefit From SWOT Analysis

Franchisors can gain significant benefits by using SWOT Analysis to evaluate their company.

Small Franchisors Can Go International Too

The size of a franchise system shouldnít be the only qualifier for international expansion.  A small franchisor could be just as qualified for exporting their concept as larger franchisors.

Franchise Sales Lead Generation High Tech or Just Throwing Darts?

Identifying qualified franchise prospects as efficiently as possible requires a targeted approach compared to simply generating lots of unqualified leads from various market areas. Read more >>

Government Contracts Offer Franchises Great Potential

Certain franchisors and franchisees can capture additional revenues by becoming an approved vendor for the U.S. Government by outsourcing this activity.

Franchisors and Franchisees Shouldnít Forget the Telephone

Franchisors and franchisees may be missing opportunities and important information by relying more on technology, and less on the telephone.

One of the Biggest Mistakes a Startup Franchisor Can Make

Business owners considering franchising their company need to avoid making a critical mistake that can hurt new franchise growth.

A Buyers Choice Home Inspections Franchise Projects Triple Franchise Growth

Home Inspection Franchise Poised for Accelerated Growth in Targeted Markets over the next two years. Read more >>

Franchisors Need to Interview Franchisee Candidates

When some franchisors qualify franchise prospects they place emphasis on the financial and business qualifications, however, the process needs to include a quality interview.

I'm Going to Sue You!

Learn how to avoid a contractual dispute or disagreement rather than having to rely upon the threat of a lawsuit as a remedy.

Changing Demographics Will Continue to Impact Franchising

The composition of the U.S. population continues to change. As these changes take place franchisors need to prepare and respond to these growing markets.

Where International and Domestic Franchising Strategies Converge

Franchisors engaged in international licensing need to recognize that with few exceptions the days of high upfront licensing fees are over. Read more >>

Terminated Tutor Time Franchisee Prevails in Non-Compete Enforcement

A former Tutor Time franchisee prevailed in an attempt by the franchisor to obtain a preliminary injunction. Read more about this case involving a non-compete.

Networking on LinkedIn

Although directed primarily to franchise brokers this white paper by Frank Agin of AmSpirit has broad application for anyone looking to network on LinkedIn for business and sales contacts.

Ten Franchises I Like for 2013

Here are ten solid franchise opportunities that did well during 2012 and are poised for continued growth in 2013 and beyond.

Overcoming Flat or Negative Franchise Growth in 2013

The franchise industry is still growing, but not as fast as it used to. Here are some tips for franchisors that are experiencing flat or even negative growth.

The Franchise Industry Year in Review

Here are some franchise industry highlights from 2012. Many of these trends will continue into 2013.

Franchising Can Learn a Lesson from Great NFL Coaches

Franchisors and franchisees can benefit from the leadership style and management skills of the NFLís great coaches.

The Federal Reserve Beige Book Economic Summary

For a detailed understanding of how the U.S. economy is performing review the Federal Reserve Beige Book.

5 Areas Franchisors and Franchise Prospects Should Focus on

Here are 5 important areas that prospective franchisees and franchisors should pay attention to. If these areas are in sync, chances are the franchise is in good shape.

Franchising 101 for Franchise Prospects

For individuals considering a franchise opportunity the first step in the process is to take Franchising 101, which is tuition free.

When Franchising Your Business Temper Expectations

Often times a start-up franchisor shares the same expectations as a new franchisee. Both see future success and a smooth road but neglect potential pot holes.

Will Sandy Impact Franchising in the New York Metro Area?

The aftermath of hurricane Sandy could have serious short range implications for franchises in the New York Metro area.

Growing Franchise Sector Includes Food Thatís Fast, Healthy and Tastes Good

Here are five healthy fast food franchises with a winning menu and the right formula for success.

CMIT Solutions Exceeds Growth Goals in 2012; Sets Stage for Strategic 2013 Expansion Plan

The CMIT Solutions franchise has surpassed its growth target for 2012 and plans for strong expansion in 2013. Read more here >>

When Buying a Franchise Calculate Your ROE

When evaluating a franchise opportunity, the return on effort or ROE can be just as important as the return on investment or ROI.

Franchising a Business ďAn OverviewĒ

For business owners considering franchising their existing business here is a straightforward outline of the franchising process.

What Franchisors Can Learn From Home Care Franchising

Read what franchisors can learn from home care franchising and which attributes are transferrable.

The Drivers of Home Care Franchise Growth

An excerpt from my soon to be released report Home Care Franchise Industry Update 2012.

Buying a Franchise? Invest Time before Money

For those considering investing in a franchise opportunity the first step should be to gain some basic knowledge of franchising. This ought to be done before searching for franchises and using franchise consultants.

If You Feel It-Say It

Franchisees and franchisors can learn a lesson from this article by sales guru Peter Ekstrom. Better to speak up than remain silent.

Pepperidge Farm: Distributorship or Franchise

Itís important to understand the difference between a franchise and other business relationships. This article presents an actual example of the difference between a franchise and distributorship.

Does Your Hiring Process Meet The "Definition of Insanity"?

Is there an easy way to hire employees that make you more money? You bet! And you don't have to spend a lot doing it. In fact, you can do it without spending a dime.

Rollovers as Business Start-Ups (ROBS): Thinking about the Risks and Rewards

Attorney, Michael Sheehan describes the pros and cons of using retirement funds to capitalize a new franchise or business. Itís a comprehensive look into the subject of Rollovers as Business Start-Ups.

California Department of Corporations Sanctions Restaurant Franchisor for Violations of California Franchise Investment Law

A restaurant franchisor in California was sanctioned and levied financial penalties for violating the California Franchise Investment Law.

Executive Care Announces Nationwide Expansion through New Franchising Initiative

Executive Care launches new franchise program. Will build on the success of it's New Jersey and Florida operations. Read more >>

Patrice and Associates Franchise: The Right Recipe for the Hospitality Industry

The Patrice and Associates franchise has all the ingredients for success: a large market, a flexible franchise program and ready to serve clients.

Evaluating a Franchise? Franchise Re-sales an Important Consideration

Individuals considering a franchise opportunity should include the potential for a franchise resale as part of their due diligence process.  Having an exit strategy is a critical component of any new business start-up.

Itís the Franchise Stupid

Itís important that franchisors and franchise candidates focus attention on the basic franchise operation and not get sidetracked into other areas.

Can Multi-Franchise Ownership Work for the Smaller Franchisee?

Is it possible and practical for a unit franchisee to own and operate different franchise brands?

Make The Most Of That Membership

Learn how to maximize the benefits from business organizations. Here are seven essential actions to ensure you benefit from any group or organization.

Canadian Judge Rules Against Dunkin Donuts for Failure to Protect Franchisees

Dunkin Donuts loses ruling for failing to protect its franchisees against competition. Judge rules franchisees not at fault.

Overlooking an Important Item When Buying and Selling a Franchise

Whether youíre an individual considering the purchase of a franchise or a franchisor seeking qualified franchisees there is an important item both groups often overlook.

How Paretoís Principle Plays a Role in Franchising

Weíve often heard of the 80-20 rule but probably donít apply it to franchising. Learn why we should analyze a franchise network using the 80-20 rule in reverse.

Sloanís Ice Cream Launches Franchise

Sloanís, South Floridaís palatial ice cream, candy and toys paradise announced today its strategic franchise initiative -- indulging investors with an opportunity to open their own savory and aromatic wonderland. Read more >>

If youíre Buying a Franchise Donít Go It Alone!

There continues to be a number of individuals that look to purchase a franchise without the benefit of professional advice. It can be the biggest mistake they will ever make.

Franchisors Need an Effective Board of Directors

A competent board of directors or advisory board can be an invaluable resource for a franchisor. In the case of small or medium sized franchisors, having advisors from outside the family offers the opportunity to receive advice that is objective and based upon experience. Here's what you need to know to choose your board of directors.

An Opportunity for Franchise Brokers

There are opportunities for franchise brokers to work with start-up franchisors. However, for various reasons it appears that few brokers or broker groups take advantage of this potential market.

Overcoming the Biggest Challenge New Franchisors Face

The most important challenge a start-up franchisor faces is selling new franchises. Learn how to meet this challenge.

Franchisors Going International Need to be Prepared

Franchisors considering opportunities in foreign markets need to have a successful franchise program and the resources, operational systems, staffing and strategy in place before executing their decision. However, there are other steps that are often overlooked that need to be taken before going international.

5 Tips when Considering a Franchise Business

Here is some good advice for those pursuing a franchise opportunity. These 5 tips can help you to make the right decision.

California Ruling Could be another Step to Franchisor Employer Relationship

Learn how a recent decision by a California court could strengthen the basis for an employer-employee relationship among certain franchisors and their franchisees.

Bring Back the 40 Hour Work Week

It may sound a bit radical but here are some reasons why the 40 hour work week is a good idea.

Two Men and a Truck: The Maturation of a Franchisor

Two Men and a Truck a growing franchise system was receiving kudos as an example of the small family owned business that evolved into a successful franchise. Then it encountered problems. Learn how the Two Men and a Truck franchise program got back on the road to success.

Laugh Yourself to a Better Network

Here is sound advice for both franchisees and franchisors. Mr. Agin reminds us of the role humor plays in the business world.

Franchising to Veterans Requires Some TLC

As more franchisors provide returning veterans with franchise incentives itís important not to treat them like other franchise candidates. They require some special attention.

Franchise Candidates Should Act Like Investors Not Buyers

When seeking a franchise opportunity itís important to take off the buyerís hat and put on the investorís hat. Here are some tips on how to facilitate the switch.

Franchisorsí Communications: Donít Ask - Donít Know

In todayís age of high speed communication and technology there are a multitude of ways that franchisors can stay in touch with their franchisees. Read why franchisors need to have on-going communication with its franchise network.

FranchiseKnowHow Offers 15% discount on all Online Training

Take advantage of a special offer from FranchiseKnowHow for franchisors and franchisees. Provide your employees online training at a reasonable cost.

Covenants Not To Compete: Beware of the Legalese!

Prospective franchisees need competent legal counsel to advise them before executing their franchise agreement. Franchise contracts include legal terminology that can fool the layperson.

Franchisors and Franchisees: Follow the Housing Market

The most credible indicator of a sustained economic recovery is residential housing activity. It is housing that will lead the way out of another recession.

The Franchise Sales Process is about Qualifying Not Selling

Franchisors and franchisor representatives need to place greater emphasis on qualifying a franchise candidate throughout the franchising process. Utilizing traditional selling techniques in franchising is not the most effective path to follow.

Finding Hidden Franchise Gems

There are a number of franchises that provide outstanding opportunities for prospective franchisees. Many of these franchises are not well know and choose to apply more resources on their existing franchisees rather than selling lots of new ones.

Examining Icebergs: Discovery Day at the Professional Services Franchise

Learn how a Discovery Day visit can vary depending upon the type of franchise. In the following example, the operation of a professional service franchise represents a different experience for both franchisee and franchisor compared to other franchise opportunities.

Evaluating Your Business as a Franchise

For companies that are considering franchising their business here is a simple checklist that can provide a good indication of whether the business could be franchised.

A Certain Trait Franchisors and Franchisees Can Share

Read about a trait that both franchisors and franchisees can share.

A Case Study in Social Media Utilization

Learn how a social media platform helped franchisor DUCTZ achieve success.

A Business Plan Should be a Requirement for Buying a Franchise

If a franchise candidate was required to write and submit a business plan to the franchisor before final approval I truly believe the result would be less franchisee failures and more successful franchise networks. This article presents the reason why.

Top 10 Underperforming Franchise Segments

See the top 10 franchise sectors with those franchisors that had trouble growing.  I call them underperforming franchisors.

The Franchise Operation and the Franchise Agreement are Interrelated.

Some franchise candidates make the mistake of paying too little attention to the franchise agreement and how it relates to the franchise operation. Here are several important areas to focus on.

Grow Your Franchise Network by Changing Sides

Franchisors are constantly seeking new and better ways to grow their franchise network, which can range from improving the franchise program to generating more franchise leads. There is another approach that ought to be tried.

When Will Franchisees Be Considered Employees? Still Undecided

A number of recent court cases have involved claims by franchisees that they were de facto employees of the franchisor. The following court case is another example of how the question of the employer-employee relationship under a franchise contract continues to come up.

What We Can Learn from the Cold Stone Creamery Franchise

The Cold Stone Creamery franchise is replete with a history of problems that include franchisee lawsuits and an expose in the Wall Street Journal. Learn why this franchise was destined to have problems right from the start.

Marketing Your Local Business: Make Sure Potential Customers Can Find You Online

Getting new customers for your local business is next to impossible if no one knows you're there. Here's how you can use the internet to market your local business to local customers.

Altruistic Advantage: Franchise Brokers Get By Giving

Frank Agin, President of AmService Business Connections offers advice for franchise brokers. His advice can result in positive results for franchise brokers and those less fortunate.

The Most Important Step When Buying a Franchise

Performing a comprehensive evaluation of a franchise is a critical step before you pay the franchise fee and sign the agreement. Learn how to perform this important activity.

The Kona Ice Franchise is Real Cool

In this interview with Kona Ice President, Tony Lamb youíll learn about an exciting and growing franchise and how its franchisees have donated $3,000,000 to schools and sports groups.

Franchising a Business? Learn the Fundamentals First

Small business owners contemplating franchising their business should possess basic business skills. Before embarking on the road to franchising the small business owner should inventory their business skills and if necessary sharpen them before attempting to franchise their business.

Franchise Spotlight: Rising Roll Gourmet

Rising Roll Gourmet is an exciting franchise concept built upon a menu of quality sandwiches sold in a variety of venues. Read my interview with President,  Mike Lassiter.

6 Management Tips for New Franchisees

Buying a franchise is just the first step in running a new business. This article presents six tips that can increase the opportunity for a successful franchise operation.

Franchise Buyer's Manual Receives Endorsement

The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) has endorsed The Franchise Buyer's Manual. Written by Ed Teixeira, the book is for people considering purchasing a franchise. Read more >>

The Area Development Franchise Has Its Drawbacks

The area development franchising model has a number of advantages not the least of which is the potential for faster system growth. However, there are a number of disadvantages as well.

A Startling Franchise Industry Statistic

During the process of gathering some franchise industry data I discovered an interesting statistic. Read more to learn out what I found.

How Franchisees Can Outsource to Their Franchisor

Here are three ways that franchisors can help generate more sales and improve the performance of their franchisees. In some franchise systems these services may already be available.

Five Important Questions the Franchise Industry Should Answer

The franchise industry should be able to find a way to provide answers to at least five questions about franchising. Whether itís the IFA, the Census Bureau or an academic institution there is certain fundamental information that ought to be available on a regular basis.

Critical Franchise Decisions

There are certain key steps that ought to be followed whether youíre a business owner considering franchising a business or an existing franchisor looking to go international.

Brazilian Franchise Sector Exceeds Expectations

A recent report on the state of franchising in Brazil provided by Mercado & Consumo includes a number of key statistics and indicates that the franchise industry in Brazil is dynamic.

The New York Franchise Show Will Have a Grand Opening!

The International Franchise Show (IFE) is heading for a great launch in its New York City debut on June 15th.  Read why this event has the potential to grow into a major franchise event.

When It Comes to Trademarks Franchisors Need to Do Their Homework

Whether youíre a current franchisor or a business owner contemplating launching a franchise program protecting your brand name by trademarking it is much more important than you may realize.

Five Growing Franchise Industries

Learn about five industries that offer healthy franchise opportunities and a path for individuals who are looking to own and operate their own business.

Is the Relationship Between Cold Stone Creamery and Its Franchisees a Bit Chilly?

Cold Stone Creamery has had its share of problems over the past few years. The latest chapter is a lawsuit by a number of its franchisees.

If You Purchase the Wrong Franchise Your Legal Remedies May Be Limited

Current franchise agreements and judicial decisions can provide obstacles to franchisees who take legal action against their franchisor. The result is that prospective franchisees had better make the right decision when choosing and purchasing a franchise.

The Secret of Monster Franchise Success as a Franchisee: Move Deliberately and With Patience

The great news about a franchise business opportunity: Franchises which are well-considered and conceived by the correct parent franchiser are tailor made for easier, bigger, and more sustainable success than a non-franchise opportunity. That advantage isnít to be taken lightly.

Ten Questions Every Franchisor Should Ask Before Granting a Franchise

Before granting a franchise most franchisors have a process they follow that begins with qualifying a candidate to ultimately granting a franchise. However, there are certain questions that ought to be mandatory for all franchise candidates.

Ten Questions Franchise Candidates Shouldn't Be Afraid to Ask

Before signing on that dotted line and paying the franchise fee there are certain questions that the franchisor should be asked. If youíve already considered asking these questions kudos to you, however, chances are youíve missed these.

Do I Really Need To Read The Franchise Disclosure Document?

The Franchise Disclosure Document is a key component of the franchise process since it provides important information and disclosures about the franchise opportunity. Prospective franchisees should be prepared to review this important document and simply pass off their attorney.

Franchise Agreement Negotiating Tips for Franchisees

As a franchisee youíll be bound by a franchise contract. Before you sign on the dotted line you should be comfortable with your franchise agreement. Here are some suggestions for dealing with key provisions.

Home Based Franchises Keep on Growing

The number of home based franchises continues to grow and in some franchise segments the home based feature exists in a majority of the total franchise companies. This article presents some interesting statistics and the reasons why home based franchises continue to grow.

Franchisees Make Lots of Bread at Planet Sub

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Sean Kelly, the co-founder of Planet Sub, and I came away totally impressed. The following article will help you learn how this franchise combines an exciting food concept with an equitable opportunity for franchisees.

China is Hot on Franchising

There is an effort underway in China by a Government agency that is encouraging franchise growth. Read this article to learn how China is encouraging franchise growth.

My Destination: A Franchise Without Borders

This interview with My Destination presents an overview of this exciting franchise concept. Learn why this unique franchise concept travels so well.

Top Franchise Advertising Portals

Find out which franchise advertising portals led the pack for 2011. Here are the leaders for the last quarter of the year.

Getting Your Franchise to Be Social

Managing social media can be difficult and time consuming, whether it’s a Facebook page or Twitter account. For a franchisor and its franchisees, these challenges can be even greater and much more difficult to manage. Learn how to keep social media content fresh while engaging your customers.

How to Prepare a Company to Franchise

A number of business owners consider franchising as a possible strategy for growing their company. However, considering a franchise program is one thing and making the decision to actively proceed is another. Before moving to a franchise operation, there are certain steps that should be taken to prepare the company.

CareMinders: A Home Healthcare Franchise with a Purpose

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Gary Kneller, President of CareMinders Home Care.

Scrutinizing Franchise Legal Claims

Franchisees need to carefully consider their actions when faced with a franchisor that is seeking claims and recourse for violations under the terms of the  franchise agreement.

Social Media: For Franchisors the Future is Now

Various social media analysts confirm the strength and continued growth of social media. Franchisors need to embrace social media in order to maintain their market presence and grow their brand.

A Cautionary Tale On Arbitration Clauses For Prospective Franchisees

The following case demonstrates why individuals considering executing a franchise agreement in California should be cautious regarding franchise agreements that contain an arbitration clause. Learn why itís important to utilize experienced franchise counsel.

What Are You Doing To Monetize Cold Franchise Buyer Prospects?

This article discusses how franchise development people can have an alternative opportunity for franchise prospects that may not be able to purchase a franchise.

Franchising Should Take a Lead from Theodore Levitt

The surging popularity of Facebook and Twitter can cause us to stray from the basics of marketing. In spite of new technology the principles of marketing remain the same.

What Makes a Franchisee Successful?

In a previous article I presented what, in my opinion, makes an effective franchise leader. This article looks at the other side of the relationship between a franchisor and franchisee, namely, what makes a successful franchisee.

What Makes an Effective Franchise Leader

The effective leadership of a franchise company requires a particular approach not applicable to most companies. This article presents five key areas that franchise executives should embody as a part of their leadership style.

China Should Enforce New Laws to Protect Franchisors

As more franchisors enter China through joint ventures and licensing agreements itís important for the Chinese Judicial system to enforce laws already in place to protect the franchisor and licensee.

Firehouse Subs Appeals Court Order in Favor of Calli Bakerís Firehouse Bar and Grill

FranchiseKnowHow has  reported on the litigation between Firehouse Subs and Calli Bakerís Firehouse Bar and Grill. Following is the latest on this ongoing battle as reported by Heath Scurfield, owner of Calli Bakerís Firehouse Bar and Grill.

How Fledging Franchisors Can Survive the Recession

As businesses continue to struggle through the recession emerging and smaller franchisors that are attempting to grow their network can face obstacles. However, there are steps that can be taken which can lead to successful outcomes. Read more to see what these steps are.

A Successful Franchise Below the Radar: The Murphy Business Franchise

Recently I interviewed Roger Murphy the founder of Murphy Business and Financial Services. Franchising since 2006, Murphy Business and Financial Services franchise has become a successful operation with 127 franchisees.

Private Equity in Franchising: The Upside and the Downside (Part 2)

In part two of my article on the role of private equity in the franchise industry, we look at which kind of franchisors are attractive to PE firms, the evaluation process, along with the impact on the franchisees of acquired companies and whatís in the future.

The Role of Private Equity in Franchising: The Upside and the Downside

This is the first of a two part series on the role of private equity funds in the franchise industry. Weíll examine a number of issues, including why there has been a dramatic increase in PE investments in franchise concepts, the benefits for franchisors, the impact on the franchisees of acquired companies and whatís in the future.

Starting Up a Franchise Company the Right Way: The MoneySaver Franchise

Starting up a new franchise company requires a combination of the right ingredients. This interview with Adam Squires of MoneySaver explains why this franchisor has the right ingredients to succeed.

Franchisors Must Use Social Media

Franchisors need to get on the social media bandwagon. Reports that measure social media indicate that its use continues to grow and that it’s is being used by more and more people. Following is what some experts have to say about the use and effectiveness of social media and its role in franchising.

Sound Leadership Practices for Franchise Operators

There are certain practices that all good leaders follow. These practices or traits should be practiced by individuals who lead a franchisor or franchisees operation.

China and the Global Marketplace: Opportunities for U.S. Franchises

There are changes taking place in China. Some of these changes can represent an opportunity for U.S. franchisors. Learn what is driving these changes and what it will mean.

Interviewing Franchisees and Employees: Part 2, Developing a Structured Interview

In part 2 youíll learn how to develop your own franchisee or employee interview related questions. There are sample questions you can use for employee interviews and for qualifying prospective franchisees.

Required Disclosures: Item 13, Trademarks

The franchise brand represents the foundation of the franchise program. Protecting the brand through trademark registration is key. Learn why this is an important part of the Franchise Disclosure Document review.

Franchisor Strategies for System Growth

Franchisors looking to grow their system can have a tendency to focus on a single approach; namely selling more unit franchises. However, this strategy should be adjusted, so that itís not the only way to grow the franchise network.

Interviewing Franchisees and Employees: Part I

This is the first of a series of articles on how to interview and select the right franchisees and employees. Learn why you canít rely on instinct alone.

Understanding the FDD: Item 12, Territory

The foundation of a successful franchise will often rest upon the franchisee territory and the rights that come with that territory. Prospective franchisees need to fully understand the information that a franchisor is obligated to provide in the FDD regarding the territory.

Franchisors Need to Take More Risks

Itís been a challenging few years for the franchise industry, especially when it comes to growing a franchise network. However, itís during times like this that success often comes to those willing to take risks. Franchisors should consider taking steps that may be out of the mainstream, but can help add new franchisees to the network.

Understanding Required Disclosures - Item 11, Training

Franchisor training is one of the most important services a franchisee receives. The training program serves as the foundation for the franchisee operation. Once completed its virtually impossible for a new franchisee to be re-trained. Prospective franchisees need to fully understand this important franchisor activity.

Home Based Franchises Require Something Extra

There are a number of advantages in owning a home based franchise. However, there can be disadvantages as well. Franchisees and franchisors should focus on the pros and cons of home based franchises when making their respective decisions. 

Understanding Important Requirements in Item 11

Item 11 of the Franchise Disclosure Document provides information and disclosure relating to Electric cash registers, Computers and the Franchise Operations Manual. Itís important for prospective franchisees to understand what all of this means.

If Franchisors Would Answer Only One Question

There is one question that all franchise prospects should ask and franchisors should be able to answer. Learn what this question is and why itís so important.

Virtual Events Ė The Next Evolution in Lead Generation

Franchisors seeking qualified franchise prospects need to follow the trends that people follow.  In the past print media was the source of most franchise prospects. All of this has changed with the introduction of the Internet. Find out where technology and individual preferences will lead to in the ongoing pursuit of qualified franchise prospects.

Should Franchisors Encourage a Franchisee Association?

The establishment of the Coalition of Franchisee Associations and its ratification of the Franchisee Bill of Rights could portend more franchisees seeking to organize their own associations. How should franchisors deal with the formation of a franchisee association? Resist, encourage, and remain neutral?

Does the Massachusetts Fair Franchising Act Have Legs

Senate Bill 01843 introduced in Massachusetts by legislator Brian A. Joyce has significant implications for franchisors especially in light of the Coverall decision. Learn about this legislation and whether it has a chance to pass.

Franchisees: Add a Personal Touch to Marketing

Social media tools are not a substitute for good old fashioned face to face sales building programs. Here are several ways you can market your franchise without spending a lot of money.

When you Buy a Franchise Pretend Youíre Selling It in Five Years

When individuals purchase a franchise most will plan on selling the franchise at some future date or operate it until their children can take it over. Iíve encountered some individuals who plan on operating the franchise for the long term until retirement. If youíre considering buying a franchise a good approach to take is to plan on selling the franchise as part of your analysis. Learn why this strategy can be helpful. 

Planning on a Partner for Your Franchise? Here are some Proís and Conís

Itís not uncommon for prospective franchisees to plan on having a partner for their new franchise. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to a franchise partnership.  Here are some pros and cons.

Required Disclosures: Pre-opening Obligations

Prospective franchisees should be fully aware of the support that they will receive from the franchisor. There is a difference between what the franchisor may promise compared to their contractual obligations. This article adds clarity to this important aspect of the franchisee-franchisor relationship.

Franchisors Need To Be Confident Yet Candid

Franchisors have to walk a fine line between confidently presenting their franchise concept to qualified prospects while being candid about the amount of effort it takes to be successful. Franchisors that effectively balance these activities can develop a network of successful franchisees and lower the risk of franchisee failures.

Accounts Receivable Factoring: A Source of Capital

During these tough economic times many franchisees have difficulty obtaining working capital, factoring can be a quick and reasonably priced source of capital. This article presents some reasons why.

Franchisor’s Required Disclosures: Franchisee’s Obligations

This article presents an explanation of the section in the Franchise Disclosure Document that presents the obligations of the franchisee under the franchise agreement. Franchise candidates should understand this important section in the disclosure document.

Social Media and Franchising

Social media continues to grow in popularity and is being employed as a marketing strategy by an increased numbers of franchisors. I wrote an article for FLAME® the publication of the Burger King National Franchise Association. It provides an overview of the franchise restaurant sector and its use of social media.

Conversion Franchising: Just What the Doctor Ordered

The current recession has resulted in significant challenges for small business owners whether independent or franchised. Learn how conversion franchising can be an effective strategy for franchisors, small business owners and the franchise industry.

Required Disclosures: Financing

An increasing number of franchisors are offering some form of financing to prospective franchisees. There is a requirement that this information be disclosed in the Franchise Disclosure Document. This article explains the disclosure requirements for financing.

2013 Home Care Franchise Industry Report

Learn why home care franchising remains the hottest sector in franchising, with average growth of 12% per year for the past 3 years. This report is loaded with information and statistics on the home care industry, franchises, market growth and regulatory challenges. Click here to download a free copy. 




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