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Making the Most of Your Franchise Expo Experience

By Joel Goldstein

Visiting a franchise expo event may seem like the perfect way to find the franchise that’s right for you. And it is, but only if you’ve done your homework and have constructed a plan to make the most of your experience.

West Coast Franchise Expo offers countless ways to help make the most informed choice about which franchise concept will fit best for you.

Hundreds of Companies

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk onto the expo floor is the variety of opportunities available. Franchise buyers need to invest sufficient time researching their options. What type business appeals to you? What skills do you have? What type of lifestyle do you want? What is your budget? These are the important questions to consider as you review the extensive range of choices available. You’ll have ample opportunity to meet face to face with franchisors ready to expand right in your neighborhood.

Dig Deeper

You enjoyed that delicious sandwich at a franchise location recently and now you’re thinking, “I could own one of the restaurants”. Food franchises are great for some people but typically employ many workers, require a large upfront investment, and characteristically long hours. Different franchises feature different requirements – some more flexible than others. Most people don’t realize the array of franchises offered until the serious research starts. Look for a franchise that can integrate your skills and goals. At WCFE you’ll see many brands you know, like Meineke and The UPS Store but you’ll also see concepts brand new to the west – like Century 21 and Direct Buy.


Do Your Homework

Choosing the right franchise is a challenge. Learning as much as you can about franchising and the types of businesses you’re considering is critical. West Coast Franchise Expo features free seminars and in-depth symposia on a range of topics that provide the facts you’ll need to make the most informed decision. Education at the expo events is presented by the experts in franchising – professionals who have the experience and knowledge to deliver the information you need to make a smart choice. The expo offers over 30 free seminars. In addition, WCFE features The Professional Center – staffed with legal, financial, and small business professionals right on the expo floor to answer all your questions – and it’s completely free.


After you’ve done your research with tools like publications and websites, gear up to visit West Coast Franchise Expo, November 5-7, at the Los Angeles Convention Center . Be prepared to speak with representatives about your expectations, objectives and goals. With over 2500 franchises in 75+ industries, there’s a franchise out there just waiting for you. 

Joel Goldstein is Group Marketing Director at MFV Expo He can be reached at jgoldstein@mfvexpo.com


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