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Five Growing Franchise Industries

By Carly Evans

Learn about five industries that offer healthy franchise opportunities and a path for individuals who are looking to own and operate their own business.

It's no secret that the economy is still unstable. But it's also no secret that America has been in sticky situations before and come out on top. With the uncertain future, people are making better financial decisions but not letting that squelch the entrepreneurial spirit. If you're looking to own your business and be your own boss, then franchising can be a viable option. There is a huge range of industries that encompass a variety of time and monetary commitments. You can find an industry that really fits your personality and schedule.

Since it can be difficult to cipher through the huge amounts of information on the web, I thought it would be helpful to tell you the top five fastest-growing franchise industries and a little bit about them.

Often times when people think 'franchising,' they think McDonald's. But the truth is, there is plenty more out there and once you're educated about the variety of business opportunities, you can make the best decision about where your money and efforts should go.

These five industries will be in no particular order. The only criteria are that the industry is popular now and poised for exponential growth in the coming years.

1. Cleaning franchises. This service industry franchise is popular right now, mainly because it's a low investment franchise. Cleaning franchises do not necessarily need a headquarters, which means saved overhead on not paying rent for an expensive space. Cleaning franchises are also great about making your own hours and schedule, which is perfect for parents. Within cleaning franchises, you can also decide between commercial cleaning and residential. It's not all toilet scrubbing, either; you can choose a specialized cleaning service like dry cleaning, carpet cleaning or power washing.

2. Senior care franchises. This industry is poised for huge growth in the next few years. By 2030, over a quarter of the American population will be of retirement age. Though many people are not set to retire at exactly 65, many will be coming of the age where they need home healthcare. Many seniors wish to stay in their residences, as opposed to moving to a nursing home or retirement home. Many senior care franchises do not have to be medically-based. You can work out of your home and simply run errands and do a little light housework. It benefits the lives of the seniors and is fulfilling for the franchisee. With the growing population, the demand will grow for more senior care specialists. It's a great opportunity to get your business established now.

3. Vending franchises. When you think of vending machines, you might think of snacks and soda. However, there is a lot more than meets the eye. One popular form of vending franchises right now is the DVD vending franchise. Businesses like DVD Now have kiosks everywhere and they're growing even more every day. Other vending franchises you might not know are businesses like massage chairs. These are 'merchandise free' and (aside from maintenance) they require little work.

4.  Low Investment franchises. This can encompass a whole host of franchises--everything from ATMs to cleaning services. I include this not to be redundant, but because it's a great keyword to use in your search for franchises for sale. Low-investment should usually yield opportunities under $20,000, this can be helpful for narrowing results based on your cash flow.

5. Pet franchises. In tough times, people always spend more money on the ones they can always count on-and in this case, it's their pets. Studies have shown a big increase in the sales of dog toys and other luxury pet items during the recession. We want to spoil those that matter most to us. Running with this idea, there are tons of pet franchise options for you to be a part of. There's dog training, walking, grooming, kenneling, pet supply store and pet waste removal franchises. All of these are certain to always be a great money maker and are in burgeoning industry.

Don't take my word for it, though! Go get your research on. There are plenty of franchise industries out there to see. You only need to look and narrow it down to what you want to do most!

Carly Evans is a small business consultant and content writer for FranchiseClique.com, which has the most comprehensive list of franchises on the Internet. Search by industry, initial investment and region for your best franchise match!

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