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Franchise Direct Home Care Report

by Donald Cranford

Here is a summary of the Franchise Direct report on the fast growing home care Industry. Another example of why the home care franchise segment will continue to grow. Learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity.

Franchise Direct is delighted to announce the publication of its latest franchising report. This time we have focused on the home care franchise sector.

As America’s baby boomers get older, the need for home health care has never been greater. This is why the time is right to invest in home based franchise. With a home care franchise, you’ll be able to make a difference in people’s lives while earning a comfortable living.

As the Franchise Direct home care business report outlines, these businesses have been around for more than 100 years, having blossomed around the time of the Great Depression. Home care businesses provide essential care to patients who prefer treatment in their home. With Americans demanding a more humane alternative to hospital treatment, home care franchises have thrived as they offer an established, trustworthy care model.

The lucrative future for home care franchises owes a lot to the massive generational shift taking place in America right now. The population of Americans over 65 is expected to double over the next 40 years. This phenomenon is called the ‘graying of America’. It means that there will be about 62 million Americans retirees by 2020. Many will opt for home care to treat their ailments.

Franchise Direct’s home care business report is based on the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD’s) of 18 different home care franchises. For entrepreneurs looking for financial information on the sector, this report is an essential resource. You’ll find exclusive information on franchise fees and other costs for some of the top performing franchises in the sector. Beyond financial facts, the latest Franchise Direct report outlines why home care franchises are likely to become even more profitable in the future.

Donald Cranford is a blogger and editor with Franchise Direct, one of the world's leading franchise portals. He was raised in New Jersey and attended Boston College. He can be reached at donald@franchisedirect.com

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2015 home care franchise industry report



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