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Patrice and Associates Franchise

Patrice and Associates Franchise: The Right Recipe for the Hospitality Industry


The Patrice and Associates franchise has all the ingredients for success; a large market, a flexible franchise program and ready to serve clients.

With 52 franchisees and room to grow, the Patrice and Associates Franchise is capitalizing on the size and growth of the hospitality industry.  Started by Patrice Rice in 1989, Patrice franchisees recruit and staff management positions, including IT, for restaurants, hotels, casinos, resorts, national chains and catering companies. “We offer four different options for a franchisee. They can be a home office recruiter, hire virtual recruiters, open an office or buy multiple territories. A franchisee can operate from their kitchen table or from an office” according to founder Patrice Rice. The franchisor has identified 1100 possible franchise territories in the US. This is a unique franchise opportunity where a franchisee could have a territory in a bucolic and relaxing part of the country and do business anywhere. It depends on their objectives.

With $475 billion in sales, the restaurant industry employs an estimated 12.2 million people, making it the second largest employer in the U.S. after the Federal Government

Industry experts predict that the number of foodservice managers is projected to increase 11% from 2005 to 2015, when coupled with a turnover ratio of over 35%, the result are ongoing recruiting opportunities. A growing client base for Patrice is airports where clients such as Marriot Host utilize Patrice to help fill its management needs.

According to Patrice Rice, franchisees gain three distinct advantages when they purchase a franchise:

  1.  The hospitality industry is not only huge but virtually free from economic downtowns
  2.  Franchisees have a territory but are free to recruit anywhere
  3.  Franchisees can tap into existing client accounts which allows for an immediate franchise start-up.

Because the franchisor does the billing and collections the franchisee is able to focus on recruiting staff for job orders and obtaining new clients. When the franchisor receives payments for client billings, deductions are made for the franchisee royalty, billing services, marketing, advertising funds and data base fees. These fees total 24% with the franchisee receiving the remaining balance.

The franchise program is structured so that franchisees can share job assignments and recruiting activities. Although franchisees can recruit anywhere they are not allowed to solicit clients in another franchisees territory. “Our franchisees can access our Jobs Database on our website and recruit to fill a job assignment. This enables them to maximize the staff they recruit. A franchisee may have a candidate on the east coast that may wish to move to the west coast.  Franchisees share commissions according to a set percentage.”  Stated Patrice.

The franchise program coupled with its growing franchise network enables franchisees to recruit candidates, service existing clients and generate new clients from north to south and east to west.

The investment in a Patrice franchise ranges from $61,200 to $81,700. This includes a franchise fee of $35,000 which will increase to $48,000 in January.

Individuals seeking a franchise opportunity with good growth potential and strong market demand may find that the Patrice franchise is the best choice on the menu.


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