Franchisee Break Even Calculator


What will your sales need to be to break even? Will your projected gross margin be sufficient? Do your estimated expenses require a high sales figure? Use this calculator to determine your estimated break even point and to help you answer these important questions.

To use the calculator, enter your data for one year in the blank spaces in the center column. Please note, this calculator won't predict your success. It just estimates your break even point based on the financial data you enter. Please see the article about how to calculate your break even point for additional information.



Item Amount or %   Notes
Rent $  
Salaries $ Enter the projected annual costs for Rent, Insurance, Supplies, Equipment, Deposits, Travel and Lodging for Training, Utilities and Professional Fees. This information is included in Item 7 and you’ll need to adjust for a full year of operation.
Telephone $
Internet $
Advertising $
Office Supplies $
Equipment $
Travel & Entertainment $ Enter salaries, telephone, advertising, postage, printing, travel and entertainment should be based upon your best estimate for the first full year
Leases $
Insurance $
Deposits $
Professional Fees $
Utilities $
Postage $  
Misc $  
Total Expenses: $  
Enter gross margin percent %
Break even before royalties and ad fees
Royalty percent % Calculate - percent  times break even before royalty and ad fees
Ad Fund percent if it applies % calculate percent times break even before royalty and ad fees
Break even point  
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