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Franchise Industry Predictions for 2016

For the year 2016 here are my predictions of major events in the franchise industry.

Seven Year Franchise Study Reveals Interesting Statistics

Here is a preview of a new study by franchisegrade.com that provides insight into the trends and performance of the franchise industry over the past 7 years

Trail-Blazing Research Reports

How good is that franchise really doing? Market research studies from FranchiseGrade provide answers.

Is Your Branding Inside Out?

When you're planning your branding strategy, don't forget to communicate your brand value to your employees.

What Footbal Coaches Can Teach Franchisors

Great football coaches share a particular trait that franchisors and franchisees can learn from.  Find out what it is .

How Startup Franchisees Can Increase Their Sales

Get your new franchise business off to a running start with these tips for increasing your franchise unit's sales.  

Marketing Your Local Business: Make Sure Potential Customers Can Find You Online

Getting new customers for your local business is next to impossible if no one knows you're there. Here's how you can use the internet to market your local business to local customers.

The Franchise Era

Times are changing.  Working for Corporate America no longer ensures loyal, hard working men and women of job security and a good living.  This little allegory offers one solution.

Why Your Franchise Should Have a Preferred Vendor Program

Learn why a preferred vendor program is so important for the franchisee and franchisor.  Read more >>

Government Contracts Offer Franchises Great Potential

Certain franchisors and franchisees can capture additional revenues by becoming an approved vendor for the U.S. Government by outsourcing this activity.

One of the Biggest Mistakes a Startup Franchisor Can Make

Business owners considering franchising their company need to avoid making a critical mistake that can hurt new franchise growth.

I'm Going to Sue You!

Learn how to avoid a contractual dispute or disagreement rather than having to rely upon the threat of a lawsuit as a remedy.

Networking on LinkedIn

Although directed primarily to franchise brokers this white paper by Frank Agin of AmSpirit has broad application for anyone looking to network on LinkedIn for business and sales contacts.

If You Feel It-Say It

Franchisees and franchisors can learn a lesson from this article by sales guru Peter Ekstrom. Better to speak up than remain silent.

Make The Most Of That Membership

Learn how to maximize the benefits from business organizations. Here are seven essential actions to ensure you benefit from any group or organization.

A Case Study in Social Media Utilization

Learn how a social media platform helped franchisor DUCTZ achieve success.

Altruistic Advantage: Franchise Brokers Get By Giving

Frank Agin, President of AmService Business Connections offers advice for franchise brokers. His advice can result in positive results for franchise brokers and those less fortunate.

Franchisees: Add a Personal Touch to Marketing

Social media tools are not a substitute for good old fashioned face to face sales building programs. Here are several ways you can market your franchise without spending a lot of money.

How Franchisees Can Outsource to Their Franchisor

Here are three ways that franchisors can help generate more sales and improve the performance of their franchisees. In some franchise systems these services may already be available.

The Secret of Monster Franchise Success as a Franchisee: Move Deliberately and With Patience

The great news about a franchise business opportunity: Franchises which are well-considered and conceived by the correct parent franchiser are tailor made for easier, bigger, and more sustainable success than a non-franchise opportunity. That advantage isn’t to be taken lightly.

Getting Your Franchise to Be Social

Managing social media can be difficult and time consuming, whether it’s a Facebook page or Twitter account. For a franchisor and its franchisees, these challenges can be even greater and much more difficult to manage. Learn how to keep social media content fresh while engaging your customers.

Social Media: For Franchisors the Future is Now

Various social media analysts confirm the strength and continued growth of social media. Franchisors need to embrace social media in order to maintain their market presence and grow their brand.

What Are You Doing To Monetize Cold Franchise Buyer Prospects?

This article discusses how franchise development people can have an alternative opportunity for franchise prospects that may not be able to purchase a franchise.

Franchising Should Take a Lead from Theodore Levitt

The surging popularity of Facebook and Twitter can cause us to stray from the basics of marketing. In spite of new technology the principles of marketing remain the same.

Franchisors Must Use Social Media

Franchisors need to get on the social media bandwagon. Reports that measure social media indicate that its use continues to grow and that it’s is being used by more and more people. Following is what some experts have to say about the use and effectiveness of social media and its role in franchising.

How To Put Your Start-Up Franchise On the Fast Track To Success

The faster you start getting customers and sales at your new franchise, the faster you become profitable. Here are 5 marketing tips to fast-track sales for your start-up.

Social Media and Franchising

Social media continues to grow in popularity and is being employed as a marketing strategy by an increased numbers of franchisors. I wrote an article for FLAME® the publication of the Burger King National Franchise Association. It provides an overview of the franchise restaurant sector and its use of social media.

Grow your Franchise through Good Deeds

A franchise that provides products or services to the general public or businesses has an opportunity to perform good deeds for their community and in the process boost the recognition of their franchise and brand. There are a number of ways franchisee’s can donate and contribute to groups, institutions and charitable organizations.

Franchisees and Franchisors Should Share in the Cost of Promotions

Since sales promotions are a necessary strategy that franchise systems must employ from time to time, franchisors should construct promotions so that its franchisees look forward to participating. Read more >>

5 Ways to Increase Franchise Unit Sales

Franchisors and franchisees should continue to find ways to increase sales. Here are some tips on how franchise unit sales can be increased.

Whether You’re Selling or Buying a Franchise You Need Consider an Important Fact

Franchisors planning their franchise sales strategy for the short term need to recognize the impact that unemployment rates have on purchasing power. Those individuals looking to purchase a franchise would be well served to know the employment situation in a territory they are considering.

Technology and Franchise Marketing: An Interview with Nick Simard of Inspiria Media.

FranchiseKnowHow wanted to get some answers about how social media, smart phones and mobile websites are impacting marketing strategies. We called upon InspiriaMedia a marketing firm located in White Plains, NY. Here's our interview with co-owner Nick Simard.

10 Things Franchisees Should Know About Their Competitors

Market analysis is a means of gathering important information about your market competitors. It gives you insight into the quality and techniques of your competitors and enables you to understand your market conditions. Find out what kinds of information you should collect and how you can go about getting it.

10 Ways Franchisees Can Grow Their Sales

A major reason people buy a franchise is to own a business with a proven operating and marketing system, a recognized brand and support services. Despite these features, the individual franchisee is responsible for growing his business. Here are 10 ways franchisees can increase their sales at the local level.

Creative Franchise Marketing Can Help Boost Franchise Sales

As franchisors and franchisees attempt to grow sales during these difficult economic times, creative marketing on the part of the franchisor can be an effective tool. Here is a suggestion on how to implement a program that can help increase franchise sales.


Five Lessons Franchisors Can Learn From Network Marketers to Expand And Build Their Franchise Companies

Franchise companies tend to think of themselves as a level or two (at least) above multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, but having worked in both industries I have discovered that MLMers (or network marketers) do some things more efficiently and effectively than do many franchisors. Here are five things you can learn from the MLM community to help your franchise thrive.

How Franchisees Can Use Social Media to Connect With their Local Markets

Learn how social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can help franchisees to increase customers and sales. Most franchisees can’t have their own franchise branded websites and must rely upon the franchisor site. Social media sites can be an effective tool to complement the franchisor website.

How Mobile Websites and Text Messaging Can Supercharge Your Franchise

The rapid increase in the use of “smart” cell phones has provided people with a mini-PC that can be used almost anywhere. Learn how mobile web sites and text messaging give franchisees great sales opportunities.

A Franchise Lesson Learned from Dave Thomas, the Founder of Wendy's

Learn how the founder of world famous Wendy’s grew the franchise into one of the largest in the world by believing in his product. This article presents a lesson and a dose of inspiration for franchisees and franchisors.

Your Diamond Mine:
Past and Present Customers

A big mistake a number of businesses make is to fail to develop a continuing stream of sales from existing customers -- ignoring their lifetime value. Don't lose out on this potential "diamond mine." Read marketing expert Wendy Maynard's tips to effectively keep existing customers coming back for more.

Understanding the Law of Successful Giving and Successful Receiving

Become a Superstar Networker Author Bob Burg -- in his book Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts into Sales -- shares his secrets to becoming a superstar networker.

Drive Up Business Profits with Vehicle Wraps

You've seen them on the highways and byways -- those gorgeous and eye-catching graphics wrapped around cars, vans and buses. They're called vehicle wraps and they're a hot, hot, hot way to cost-effectively promote your business. Read what industry experts and businesses have to say about these captivating "moving billboards."

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