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The Era of the Franchise

by Frank Agin

Times are changing.  Working for Corporate America no longer ensures loyal, hard working men and women of job security and a good living.  This little allegory offers one solution.

Nearly one-hundred-some-odd years ago, somewhere in middle America, a Son told his Father that he was no longer going to work in their small business.. The Son announced that he was joining Corporate America. Although the family business was the only way he ever conceived of earning a living, he knew that it would no longer pay him what he was worth.

Even though those who ridiculed his optimism about the potential of Corporate America, the Son believed that the World was changing. The demand for industrialization created tremendous market for his labor, and the Son knew that Corporate America would pay him what he was worth.


The Son was right. The World was changing and Corporate America paid him what he was worth. However, those who continued to remain in place, believing that life would never change, were left struggling, earning only a fraction of what they were worth.

While the Son continued to labor, Corporate America realized that if it just paid the Son a little less than he was worth, then Corporate America would generate more wealth for itself. The paid reduction, however, was so small that the Son didnít even notice. As the Son didnít notice, the next year Corporate America held back a little bit more. Again, unnoticed, Corporate America held back a little more the next year. And then the next. And then the next. And then the next.

One-hundred some-odd years later, somewhere in a stress-laden office, a Son is telling his Father that he is not going to work for Corporate America. The Son announces that he is going to purchase a franchise. Although working for Corporate America is the only way his generation ever conceived of making a living, the Son knew he could no longer earn what he was worth working for Corporate America. Again, the Son was right.

Rapidly the World is changing before our eyes. Consistent pay raises have given way to ongoing wage freezes. The notion of lifetime employment is being replaced by downsizing, outsourcing, and off-shoring. It is no secret: to build wealth in America you need to build business. To ensure success, however, you are best to not go at it alone, which is where the notion of franchising comes in. We are now in the era of the franchise.

Knowing this, are you going to take advantage of a changing World, or are you going to let a changing World take advantage of you? In thinking about your answer, however, if you would like to explore franchising more thoroughly please contact me.

Frank Agin

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