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A Case Study in Social Media Utilization

By Kim DeFranco

Learn how a social media platform helped franchisor DUCTZ achieve success.

DUCTZ is America's largest duct cleaning and HVAC restoration franchise providing various services in the area of clean air standards in homes and commercial buildings. The franchise offers different models for owners allowing operations ranging from a home-based owner-operator model to an investor model.

Ductz corporate decided to implement the use of a social networking platform amongst franchisees to enhance their social marketing efforts. This application is the brainchild of BizBrag, Inc. and has proved to be very successful for Ductz. The platform is designed to help businesses expand reach and increase customer retention. In just over six months, Ductz not only saw results by securing large jobs, but by increasing their social connections from 200 to over 17,000. That is 125 times from where they started!

What Is the BizBrag Platform?

Companies begin by creating “Braggits.” These are stand-alone web pages used to “brag” about noteworthy items such as deals, company milestones or news. When posting a Braggit, the content is simultaneously shared with social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress and more.

Braggits are optimized allowing them to be searchable on the web. Users can also share Braggits with their email contacts and of course, their “Bragforce.”

A BragForce is made up of other BizBrag members. What makes this feature so powerful is that collaborative businesses connect allowing the sharing of each other’s Braggits. Now an organization not only reaches their own followers, but crosses audiences and reaches the followers of their Bragforce members. This alone creates the possibility of exponential reach. All users also are provided with not only analytics but also social monitoring tools. These tools allow your organization to see how and where your business is being talked about on the web giving the opportunity to respond accordingly. BizBrag also offers a gathering system for customer reviews called “BragBacks.”

Why This Solution Worked for Ductz

Franchisees and independent business owners struggle with the same issues when it comes to marketing. However, franchisees are required to use the Franchisor's materials. Ductz franchises are able to overcome this limitation by creating more specific content for their target audience. In addition, the reach is amplified immensely by connecting to the franchisor's BragForce. This application has not only proven to be successful in a short amount of time, but Ductz looks forward to the continued success.

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