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Altruistic Advantage: Franchise Brokers Get By Giving

By Frank Agin

Frank Agin, President of AmService Business Connections offers advice for franchise brokers. His advice can result in positive results for franchise brokers and those less fortunate.

As an ambitious franchise broker, you never stop striving to be more successful – getting more leads, closing more deals, and (most importantly) making more money or achieving a higher stature. To get there, whether you are a new (still wet behind the ears) franchise broker or a seasoned 'vet,' you simply need an advantage. With an advantage, you could separate yourself from the 'other guy' – have a “leg-up” or better position yourself to close that sale. If only we could somehow get an advantage. With it, you could not only realize that greater success, but also all that comes with it.

Gaining an advantage, however, is no revelation. It is likely something that you’re already hoping for and dreaming about. Then reality sets in, right? In the heat of your daily battle, it is difficult to focus on achieving an advantage when you are consumed with simply holding the ground you have. Perhaps this is what makes success so special – a vital element to achieving this it is so hard to obtain. Or is it? In actuality, there are a plethora of opportunities to achieve an advantage before you day in and day out. Intrigued? 'Yes! Where?' Volunteer.

“Volunteer!!? I am not looking for another distraction or drain on my limited time.” That is an understandable response. It is, however, not an accurate depiction of volunteerism. Volunteering should neither be considered a distraction nor an idle consumption of your time. Consider this, every community program or non-profit organization is stretched beyond its resources on every front. Certainly financial gifts are always welcome, but what each desires most is the time, talents and experiences of others. As a result, these entities are full of opportunities to gain an advantage.

First, volunteering gives you the opportunity to get valuable experience to grow your skills and abilities. Depending on the situation, you will have the opportunity to lead others and hone communication skills. Both of these translate to what you do as a franchise broker. As such, volunteering will serve to give you greater success. Additionally, these little acts of volunteerism can also provide you a much-needed advantage that goes much further than the communication skills and leadership experience you gain. Volunteering expands your network.

Consider this, when you volunteer, you are not doing so all alone. When you give your time and talents to other organizations you pull yourself out of your own little world to work shoulder-to-shoulder with others who are doing the same.

Finally, volunteering brands you in the community as a contributor and a leader. This generates a sense in others that they want to know you as well as a feeling that they like and can trust you. This is a great advantage as all things being equal, people choose to associate and do business with those they know, like and trust. This enhanced experience, new contacts and fortified presence in the eyes of the community, positions you to be more successful as a franchise broker. Imagine yourself volunteering time with a local job transition networking group. As you meet new people, you get more comfortable coaxing information from people. Naturally, you also expand your network with participants and fellow volunteers. Plus, others look up to you as a central figure to that organization. You will transform yourself in a trusted professional that others are both comfortable doing business with and referring other people to.

Yes, you want more success as a franchise broker, along with the greater income and higher stature that comes with it. And, yes, you know that you need advantages to get there. But what you get out of life is merely a function of what you put into it.

So find an organization or community program where you can give of yourself. Volunteering: It is not a waste of time or an idle distraction. At any level, for any organization, volunteering is one activity where you can both give and get at the same time.

Frank Agin is the founder and president of AmSpirit Business Connections, an inexpensive professional services franchise that is designed to be worked on a part-time basis and dovetail with an existing business or profession. If you have questions or comments regarding this article, using social media or networking in generate, or information on AmSpirit Business Connections, please feel free to contact Frank at frankagin@amspirit.com.

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