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Grow your Franchise through Good Deeds


A franchise that provides products or services to the general public or businesses has an opportunity to perform good deeds for their community and in the process boost the recognition of their franchise and brand. There are a number of ways franchisee’s can donate and contribute to groups, institutions and charitable organizations.

One of the advantages of operating a franchise business is that you become a part of the very community that purchases your products and services and as a business owner it’s important to be seen as a valued member of your community. One of the most effective ways to become recognized within the community is to give something back to the people and businesses you serve. There are many ways to support the members of your community, which can include donations, co-sponsoring a charitable event or perhaps even starting a special charity. Whichever route you take, you’ll benefit from a personal as well as business standpoint.

There are a number of business organizations such as the Rotary and Lions Club that provide services to their community. When a business donates or sponsors products in their community it strengthens their business. It can mean added sales and at the very least solidify the existing sales base while helping a worthwhile cause.

Here are several suggestions as to how franchisees can use their business to perform good deeds in their community:

Home Care Franchises

  • Perform blood pressure checks and other simple diagnostic services for residents in local nursing homes or adult living facilities.
  • Assist with local blood drives sponsored by local religious institution.

Handyman Franchises

  • Help with repairs for local charities. You can donate free labor and charge cost only for supplies.

Health and Fitness Franchises

  • Contact some local physicians and find out if some of their patients with a weight problem could benefit from an exercise program. Perhaps donate a set number of sessions.

Children’s Educational and Enrichment Programs

  • If there are under privileged children in your market area, who may have special needs, you could provide some free sessions to help in their development.
  • Franchises that provide play programs could provide a free day for children that couldn’t otherwise attend.

Franchise Restaurants

  • Donate food to food banks or to a soup kitchen.
  • Sponsor an event for seniors by providing the food.

Affiliate with Business Organizations

  • Partner up with the Rotary or Lions Club or other business organizations that perform charitable works.
  • Ask some business organizations if they can suggest a deserving charity or group you can help out.

These are just a few examples of how a franchisee can provide something of value in the community where they operate. In most cases, you’ll be able to receive free publicity and perhaps public service announcements for your efforts and be recognized as an important member of the community.

I’m sure there are other examples many of you can think of. The important thing is to take a little time to consider the ways you can help others using the products and services that you market.

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