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Government Contracts Offer Franchises Great Potential


Certain franchisors and franchisees can capture additional revenues by becoming an approved vendor for the U.S. Government by outsourcing this activity.

Last year the U.S. government spent more than $37 billion dollars with General Service Administration (“GSA”) vendors.  The GSA contract is a five year unfunded contract with a pre-negotiated pricing schedule. Known as the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), it is the primary contract vehicle of the federal government which allows the Government to buy products and services through registered vendors at discounted prices. A GSA Contract creates a win-win scenario for businesses and the Government because it enables the Government to purchase, and businesses to sell products and services — without going through a traditional bid process.

When I was COO with a franchised medical staffing company we had a GSA contract whereby we would provide healthcare professionals to government facilities including VA hospitals and military bases. The contract provided us more bids or job orders than we could possibly fill. Once the contract was obtained it was not very difficult to administer. We were fortunate to have a Government Contracts Administrator on our corporate staff. 

In terms of payments the U.S. government is an excellent payer and if payment isn’t made 30 days after invoicing the Government is required to pay interest provided there are no billing or invoicing errors.

The Federal government purchases all kinds of products and services from GSA vendors and for qualified franchisors and franchisees a GSA contract could generate additional revenues.

Since it can be cost prohibitive for a franchisor to place an experienced government contract administrator on their staff, the best approach is to consider outsourcing this position. 

A company like DB Consulting provides a full range of services for companies looking to outsource the GSA contracting process. DB Consulting can obtain an approved GSA contract on behalf of a company and can even deliver bid opportunities in real time. In addition they can perform bid writing services for Federal, State & Local Bids.

Establishing a government contracting business niche can be a plus for particular franchisors. Franchisors should contact DB Consulting to learn about their program and determine if their products or services could qualify for a GSA contract or call Jerry Bishop at 864-561-1648.

Our consultants and their proficiency's come in several shapes and sizes.  From developing lists of federal buyers that have a history of buying your products or services to discussing your complex pricing history... our team is ready and able to go beyond your expectations. 

We know that your priority is running your business.  And our priority is getting your GSA contract in place with as little hassle as possible.  In our full service package we complete the process for your firm, sparing you from the frustration and learning curve required to successfully prepare and submit a GSA Contract.

"Every day new businesses give up on the possibility of winning government contracts.  It's too difficult to figure out, too time consuming and too competitive.  Most business owners do not even know that the government offers a pre-negotiated contract through the GSA.  We will offer professional and knowledgeable consulting to those companies by showing them how the program works, ensuring that they are qualified for a GSA contract and giving them everything they need in order to determine if a GSA contract is right for their business.

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