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How Start-up Franchisees Can Increase Their Sales


The success of franchising is based in great part upon the ability of the franchisor to provide their franchisees an operating system for running their franchise.

Most franchisees return from training prepared to launch their new franchise. Once the ribbons from the grand opening come down, the franchisee is on his own and itís the franchisee thatís responsible for the operation of his franchise especially growing sales. Since the franchisee must market and develop his territory for sales, itís important to use every resource and strategy available to generate sales. If youíre a start-up franchisee these sales tips can help you get off to a quick start.


Tips for growing sales:

  1. Know your competition and especially their strengths and weaknesses. Use this information to develop and adjust your marketing plan.
  2. After you develop and implement the marketing plan be sure to measure the results. Be sure to put together a list of measurable objectives you want to accomplish. An outline with some action items, costs and time lines will work fine.
  3. Launch your franchise as quickly as possible. Pre-sell your services or products and distribute business cards and marketing materials before opening the franchise.
  4. Be sure to join local business groups like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club and trade associations in your market area. You can publicize your business and this will help to find business owners to network with. As time allows volunteer to serve on a committee in these groups.
  5. Consider offering reduced or special pricing to charities or groups in your market.


  7. Contact local media representatives in your area to get an interview on local radio or in the newspaper. Have a press release done so that you can submit it to the media. Most local newspapers look for news items.
  8. Use special promotions and prizes to bring in new customers. This may not be applicable for every franchise but if it is, give it a try.

  9. Contact some successful fellow franchisees before opening in order to get some tips and advice and to learn about sales building programs.
  10. Consider reduced pricing on certain items to attract more business. As a franchisee you have the ability to set your own prices, unless there are restrictions in your franchise agreement.
  11. Where able use social media and mobile websites to generate more customers. If youíre able to use Facebook and Twitter to promote your business, itís a good way to gain more customers.

By implementing these tips you will have the opportunity to have a successful launch of your new franchise by generating more sales.

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