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Franchisee Info Newsletter

June 16, 2010

This issue has three diverse articles that will be of interest to: people starting up a new franchise concept and those operating an existing franchise. The titles speak for themselves.

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In This Issue

  • Where New Franchisors Can Find Capital
  • How Franchisees Can Use Social Media to Connect With their Local Markets
  • Renewal Agreements -- The Ticking Time Bomb

Where New Franchisors Can Find Capital

During current economic times, it's often difficult for start-up franchisors to obtain investment capital. This article describes three potential sources of investment capital that can meet the capital needs of new franchisors.  

How Franchisees Can Use Social Media to Connect With their Local Markets

Learn how social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can help franchisees to increase customers and sales. Most franchisees can't have their own franchise branded websites and must rely upon the franchisor site. Social media sites can be an effective tool to complement the franchisor website. Read More 

The Laws of Franchising Remain Unchanged

In the franchise industry there are certain truisms which have remained virtually unchanged over the years. I refer to them as The Laws of Franchising. The following are six of these laws. Read More 


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