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Cybertary, a Franchise Concept for Today and Tomorrow


Patricia Beckman,  founder and CEO of Cybertary has developed a unique franchise concept that provides a number of services for business owners while offering individuals a reasonably priced home based franchise opportunity. Following is an interview with its founder, Patricia Beckman.

FKH: Patricia, how did you come to start Cybertary?

PB: After spending 20 years working for several large corporations, that included a good amount of travel, I decided it was time for a change in lifestyle. Having two young daughters I wanted to create a balance between my business career and home life. As a result of my previous business experience I knew that many small and medium sized businesses needed services but for various reasons couldn’t hire the appropriate people. I saw the need for a virtual assistance business.

FKH: Did you start with an actual business before franchising?

PB: Yes. I started my first Cybertary operation in Roseville, California in 2005. Through some local networking I was able to get five to seven new clients a week. This early success led to media attention and publicity. Before long I was being asked if this was a franchise. A good deal of interest came from business women and mothers. Based upon my early success with the Cybertary office and the favorable response to this new business I decided to franchise the Cybertary model.

FKH: Can you provide me an overview of  Cybertary?

PB: Cybertary franchisees provide business owners a way to deal with the back office tasks needed to run their business. Cybertary franchisees can provide more than 150 services including Database Creation and Support, Desktop Publishing, Marketing Support, Technical Support (Microsoft® Applications or QuickBooks®) and Word Processing presentation preparation,

FKH: How can your franchisees deliver all of these services?

PB: If a franchisee can’t provide a particular service they can use the services of other Cybertary franchisees. We have a Skills Set Inventory Program that enables each franchisee to know which franchisees provide particular services. This enables a Cybertary franchisee to draw upon the multiple resources in our network. Under our Patriot Program we have a security provision that ensures work is not outsourced overseas and also that Cybertary offices follow Federal and State laws.  If there are any confidentiality issues our franchisees will execute the forms necessary to provide their clients suitable protection. Clients can be billed for services at an hourly rate or on a project basis. Our offices operate using the latest technology which is basically a paperless system using e-mail and electronic files.

FKH: Your franchise program uses a home based model. How do your franchisees obtain clients?

PB: Cybertary franchisees network with their local business community. This includes being a part of various organizations such as the local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, etc. I would add that approximately 85% of  franchisee marketing is done on a face to face basis since this adds to a level of trust between the local franchisee and its’ potential business clients.

FKH: Does Cybertary compete with temporary employment firms?

PB: No. In fact we complement the services that a temp agency can provide. A number of our franchisees work in concert with these agencies. We may recommend that a client use a temporary employee to fill a specific need.

FKH: What is your profile for a Cybertary franchisee?

PB: We prefer people who have mid-level management experience and who understand the functional components of operating a business. To correct any preconceptions, I would point out that several of our franchisees are men. The Cybertary franchise opportunity is not only for woman.

FKH: A Cybertary franchise is primarily home based, what is the investment requirement?

PB: The franchisee fee is $37,500 and the total investment is $40-$78,000.  The franchise fee includes just about everything needed to get started.

FKH: Where do you see Cybertary headed in the near future?

PB: We currently have 22 unit franchisees. We also have 2 Administrative franchisees, which have the responsibility to develop a large geographic area. The goal is to add 15 new franchisees in the next 12 months.

Patricia thank you for taking the time to discuss Cybertary.

You can visit the website at: www.cybertary.com or contact Patricia Beckman at patricia@cybertary.com

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