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Does Your Hiring Process Meet The "Definition of Insanity"?

by Fred Berni

Is there an easy way to hire employees that make you more money? You bet! And you don't have to spend a lot doing it. In fact, you can do it without spending a dime.

Instead of hiring employees based on a traditional interview, why not try them out them on the sales floor for a few minutes? You'll learn more in those few minutes than you'll ever learn by asking questions.

Watch how they handle customers that come in the door. Once they've asked the (unfortunately) inevitable "How can I help you?" and get the standard "Just looking" response, how do they follow up with the customer? Do they watch for a minute or two to see what the customer is looking at, then approach the customer with something like "That's a real stylish design, isn't it?".

Or, do they smile at the customer as the customer walks in the door and says something like "Hi! It's nice to see you!". People are bound to respond. Once the customer has responded, the ice is broken. It's much easier to carry on a conversation with the customer and not get the standard "just looking" response.

The key in both of these examples is that the applicant has the customer talking. Once that happens, it's easy to switch the conversation over to finding out what the customer is looking for and then finding it, or a reasonable substitute.

The beauty about both of these approaches is that after the candidate has set up the sale, you can graciously step in and help it along.

When using an interview like this, there's no way the candidate can tell you what they want you to hear. Instead, you've seen with your own eyes if the applicant will be an asset to your business or just another "warm body".

But, if you can't use this kind of approach, and not everyone can, using a tool that focuses on job-specific behaviors and attitudes is a very good and inexpensive option.

If you're happy with hiring "warm bodies" don't change a thing. But, don't expect to find a "diamond in the rough". Instead, take a few minutes. Really think about what you need in the candidate. Then decide how you can find out if the candidate "has what it takes". You don't need to use the "standard" interview process. Switch it up and you'll get better employees and sales than your competitors.

Stop using the same hiring methods if you're looking for good employees. You've heard the "tongue-in-cheek" definition of insanity. It's doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Fred Berni President, Dynamic Performance Systems Inc.

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