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What Franchisors Can Learn From Home Care Franchising

by Ed Teixeira

Read what franchisors can learn from home care franchising and which attributes are transferrable.

After completing my recent report on the franchised home care industry it became evident that this particular franchise sector continues to enjoy continued success and sustained growth. There are several reasons for this success including a strong market and demand for services. After spending a number of years working in the franchise industry I recognize that some home care franchisors are better than others and that some of these franchisees have failed. I also realize that there are home care franchisees that are not fully satisfied with their results. However, despite these factors home care franchise systems continue to grow with new franchisors entering the scene.

There are certain aspects of the home care franchise sector that other franchisors can learn from:

  • The market for home care services is large and growing. This provides the franchisees the ability to tap into a significant opportunity. Although the home care market has unique features that canít be duplicated, franchisors in other industries can facilitate market opportunities for their franchisees by providing large enough territories or products and services that are appealing to potential customers. Franchisees with small territories and a lack of demand can have problems.
  • The royalty for home care franchisees is reasonable and franchisees arenít saddled with additional fees and add-ons. Iíve always advocated a simple fee structure for franchisees and Iím not in favor of charging franchisees multiple fees. For example, a fee for attending an annual convention.
  • Most home care franchisors provide software to their franchisees that enables the franchisees to operate their business more efficiently. Across the franchise industry spectrum more franchisors could provide the kind of software systems that home care franchisors provide.
  • The concept of a home care franchise is straightforward and simplistic. Providing home care services is not easy and certainly has its challenges, however, the product offering is not complicated. Some franchisors design a franchise system in a way that lends itself to being overly complex. In many cases less is better.

Home care franchising is on a successful trajectory and differs from other franchise concepts. Franchisors in other industry sectors can take a lesson from home care franchising, ranging from the market to the franchise operation, and apply these attributes to their own franchise operation.  

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