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Sound Leadership Practices for Franchise Operators


There are certain practices that all good leaders follow. These practices or traits should be practiced by individuals who lead a franchisor or franchisees operation.

There have been countless books written and speeches delivered on the subject of leadership. Typically, these presentations recite particular traits that great leaders possess supported by anecdotes that recall a decision or speech made by that leader. The names of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Vince Lombardi and Jack Welch will usually be included in any list of great leaders.

When it comes to the franchise industry I’m of the opinion that effective leaders ought to follow certain practices. These practices or traits are found in leaders from various endeavors and are not unique to the franchise industry.

Ten Key Leadership Practices

A clear vision or purpose- There needs to be a vision or clear overriding objective that drives the leader of the franchisor or franchisee. In the case of franchising it can be the number of locations, a five year plan, sales threshold or other objective.

There is a consistent value system-The effective leader should have a core set of values that he or she will adhere to. Ray Kroc and Dave Thomas had this trait. Whether it’s the belief by Ray Kroc that franchisees should earn their profits before the franchisor or Dave Thomas being passionate about providing the best hamburger for the price.

Perseverance and focus-They retain focus and stay on track despite obstacles that can arise from time to time. Maintaining a positive outlook despite occasional problems instills confidence on the part of others.


Controlled ego- The effective leader recognizes and respects the contribution of others and accepts the fact that no one is right 100% of the time.An effective leader exudes confidence without arrogance.

People and motivational skills- Able to connect to people especially their management team and subordinates. Motivating others is a requirement that leaders need to have.

Integrity- Will not sacrifice important principles for short term gain. Team members and employees see this as strength.

Open to change-Is flexible and when necessary will be willing to make changes. An important trait for those who lead a franchise organization.

Professionalism and commands respect- Has an aura of professionalism in both business and personal affairs, which commands respect from others.

Sound decision making and judgment- Makes the right decision and when necessary seeks feedback before arriving at an important decision. Knowing how to make important and timely decisions requires sound judgment, which is a part of the total person.

Delegates- Is willing to delegate authority and decision making to others. This is an important requirement for developing subordinates and instilling self confidence in the team.

Effective leaders need to have a portfolio of skills that can only be achieved by following certain practices. The Ten Key Leadership Practices outlined above recite these key traits that people need to follow in order to successfully lead others. Although there have been effective leaders that have not possessed every one of these traits, rare is the effective leader who doesn’t practice most of them.

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