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Stalco Construction

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One of the most important components of a franchisee investment is the construction work done on the franchisee location. Whether it’s remodeling an existing location or site preparation on a new location the construction work that’s done represents a major expenditure of capital for a franchisee. Although, fixtures and equipment are usually the same in terms of specifications the amount and type of construction can vary depending upon a location and its configuration.

Since this activity is such an important aspect of franchising we welcomed the chance to meet with Bruce Link, Estimating Department Head of Stalco Construction. 

Founded in 1992, Stalco covers the NY/NJ/CT Tri-State area from its offices on Islandia (on Long Island) and Manhattan. Its projects run the gamut from a Quiznos location, to the Pier A restoration at Battery Park. Stalco was ranked the 66th largest Tri-State contractor by New York Construction Magazine. It’s one of the few construction companies to have added staff and doubled its project volume during the current recession.

Here is our Q&A with Bruce Link:

FKH: Stalco handles a range of projects some of which are very large. Is there a minimum project size?

BL: We can do a project as small as $50,000, depending upon the client and the type of job.

FKH: Can Stalco handle projects beyond the Northeast?

BL: Yes, depending upon the size of the project we are capable of going further than the Tri-State area.

FKH: How do franchising projects differ from projects for independent businesses?

BL: Guidelines for franchises are very specific when it comes to layout, décor, fixtures and equipment. You’re dealing with set specifications that some independent businesses don’t have.

FKH: Stalco has done some very large projects, some as high as $40 million. How can this relate to smaller projects for franchise?

BL: Since we have a full range of in-house resources including staff experienced in project management, the franchisee is assured of quality results. There are smaller or local contractors that can provide services; however, the outcome may not be top quality. When it comes to construction projects, mistakes can be costly for the client.

FKH: As the general contractor what does Stalco do?

BL:  We administer all aspects of a project which includes selecting and managing the sub-contractors such as the electricians, plumbers, painters, etc. This alleviates the franchisee from dealing with individual contractors and avoids cost overruns and quality issues. We quote one price which includes all of the work that is necessary for the projects completion.

BL: I’d be remiss if I failed to mention Stalco’s favorite charity.

The company’s principals, Kevin G. Harney and Alan Nahmias, co-founded Contractors for Kids (CFK), a not-for-profit organization supported by nearly 300 Long Island-based construction and real estate organizations. CFK provides assistance to children and their families impacted by health-related crisis. Since its inception it has raised over $2 million and assisted over 200 families.

Bruce,  thanks for providing information regarding  Stalco.

For additional information visit www.stalcoconstruction.com or e-mail  Bruce Link  bruce@stalcoconstruction.com 

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