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How Franchisees Can Gain More Time and Develop Their Employees


This article with shades of Management 101 offers some simple advice on how franchisees and their managers can gain more time and improve the skills of their subordinates.

In order for a franchisee to function effectively, they need to have as much optional time as possible. However, given the busy schedule that franchisees have to deal with itís not easy to find optional or open time.  The challenge is where to find the optional time? Some choices include delegating certain duties to others, hiring new employees, automating certain functions or simply dropping certain responsibilities. The most productive and desirable option would be to delegate more duties and responsibilities to employees. In order to accomplish this objective employees have to qualified and capable of assuming added responsibilities.

As a franchisee you are often placed in the position of having to assist your employees with decision making. Often times an employee will approach a franchisee or manager with a particular problem or situation. When this happens itís easy for the franchisee to take ownership of the situation. I can recall as a youngster wanting to help my father and not knowing exactly how to perform the task. He would say to me: ďDo it like thisĒ and rather than give me the opportunity to perform the task he would keep doing it because it was easier. I think the analogy is similar to the experience of a franchisee or manager. It can be far easier and expeditious to simply take over a problem or responsibility from an employee. However, the right approach is to allow the employee to retain the responsibility for a problem or issue and tell you how they will handle it.

Itís not always easy to follow this process but itís the most effective way to develop your employees and gain more time for yourself. 

The steps you want to follow are as follows:

  • Make sure that your employees are fully and properly trained
  • When that have a situation or problem encourage and allow them to offer you their recommendation for resolving the problem. Recognize that they may make an occasional error in their decision.
  • Monitor more challenging situations more closely.
  • Strive to get your employees to the point where they wonít run to or your manager every time there is a problem but rather can solve it on their own.

Follow these suggestions and youíll have more optional time as franchisee and more competent employees.

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